Why is it Important to Improve Learning Space for Children?

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Kids feel school is a prison. Let’s face that fact. To kids, school is torture, getting up at 7 in the morning, needing to deal with shouting teachers, being bullied at lunch time, and this is all before noon.But by far what kids consider to be their worst punishment is homework. After getting through the day, they expect a rest, a feeling of freedom. Sadly, for our young community, the ordeal does not end there. They have to pull out their books and do homework,which can be anything from reading a page to writing a 500 word essay on some topic or the other.

However, homework is an ordeal they have to struggle through, so after a few minutes of grumbling and a few choice swear words, most children resign themselves and tuck themselves into a corner of their room and study to the teachers content.

However, a problem arises if the child does not have a proper learning space in which to properly focus his mind on the topic at hand. Thus,it makes sense for the children to have a small room, maybe something that would otherwise be used as a closet, for their studies. This would help in a lot of ways.

Most children do not put their work on a table. They lean on a sofa with their books tucked between their legs, with a soda in one hand and a pencil in the other. While this may be comfortable, it does not provide the required focus needed to study, especially since in this position most kids write with their copies on their laps, which might lead to messy handwriting and indecipherable notes. If a kid has to work on a table, with an old chair being his only means of support,the feeling of being in a classroom will be simulated through the environment. Thus the kid will have motivation to be more focused.

Another perk is that these days’ kids are often given marked assignments and tests on topics they may have studied a long time ago.It always gave them a headache to flip through each and every page of their exercise books in order to get some fact they needed for their homework. A child should always have a printer and a study board which envelope shim from three sides as well as a laptop or tablet or some sort of digital devImprove Learning Space for Children
The thing is, most children are not willing to make the extra effort to make their work presentable to teachers, and most would despise these ideas. It should be kept in mind that the child’s comfort is not a necessary factor for this, and these ideas are completely punctual.

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