Top Five Best Staircase Designs 2014

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In the past, people never used to give any attention to the designs of their staircases while planning a house but the introduction of cheap synthetic material of construction has prompted them to try new and elegant staircase styles. Over the past few years, we have seen many staircase designs and some of them have really proved to be eye-catching and the same trend has continued this year as well.

Staircase Designing Ideas for home Decoration

Some of the best staircases in2014 have been some of the most unique ones. The style in which they are designed is very important and the designs can be traditional, formal as well as casual. Casual staircases see many combinations of colors which include black, grey, white, silver and off-white. The colors of the staircases have to go with the shade of the walls obviously and a nicely made stairway looks perfect only when it goes with the whole combination of the walls.

The style in which the stairs are designed is critical in the final outlook of the whole set up. The shape and size of the steps should also be given due consideration and they should neither be too small, nor too large. The railings should also be made flawlessly and the material with which they are constructed should remain scratch less for a considerable period of time. A silver colored railing usually looks very attractive and goes well with most colors too so it is one of the most used ones. The steps can be made up of marble as well as tiles and the material of construction is dependent on a variety of elements. A perfect staircase design is dependent on all the features which have been mentioned above and any deviation in any of the element may prove to be a blotch on an otherwise attractive set up.

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