Top 5 Curtains & Drapes Design Ideas for Bedrooms

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The Top 5 Curtains Design Ideas have been shared here with our viewers. If you are looking for Curtains and Drapes Designs, then you have come to the right place, as we are sharing some good Curtains Collection. The Drapes Ideas and Designs will help you to select the amazing and latest drapes for your living room, bedroom, drawing room and bathroom.

The Latest Curtain Ideas will help you in decorating your Living Room or bedroom with beautiful and colorful curtains. The Curtains are available in different shapes and styles, so you should select some latest Curtain Styles. You should get the idea from the below displayed Beautiful and Amazing Curtains for Bedrooms.

As the summer arrives, the love for air conditioning reaching its peak. Having your air conditioning system on twenty four seven can be blissful but it will make you regret once you have your utility bill. This situation can be easily overcome by the proper use of curtains and drapes in the summer. This will not only keep your utility bill in check but also give you a peaceful afternoon nap. Here are a number of energy saving suggestions that can help you reduce the heat in your bedroom and rest of the house. Let’s begin:

Window awnings do an excellent job of keeping the heat out. If you have South facing windows, these awnings can reduce the heat gain up to 65 percent. In case of West facing windows, the reduction will be approximately 77 percent. In order to derive best results, you can buy awnings Curtains that are light in color. These will also be helpful in winter mainly because you can roll them up to let the heat warm up your house or bedroom.

Drapes and Curtains Collection for Bedrooms, Living Rooms and Bathrooms

Modern Living Room Curtain Designs Curtain and Drapes Designs for Living Rooms or Drawing Rooms

Bathroom Window
Bathroom Window

Amazing Curtain and Drapes Ideas and Designs Curtain Ideas and Designs Curtain Ideas for Bedrooms Living Rooms and Drawing Rooms

Curtains and drapes are one of the other options you can rely on for heat reduction. These are best if your windows get direct sunlight. The ability of the curtains to keep your house cool largely depends on the fabric as to whether it is open or close weave and the color as well. Extensive research has concluded that medium colored draperies when put up with white plastic backings can lower the heat up to 33 percent.

To get the best results, it is must to hang the curtains closest to the windows. To maximize the effect, a cornice can also be installed at the draperies thereby sealing them at the sides and having them overlapped in the middle using a tape or Velcro.

In addition to these, shades, blinds and reflective films are other options you can use to beat the heat this summer!

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