Top 10 Most Well-Decorated Bathrooms

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Most people want their bathrooms to be a place of absolute bliss. If you are looking for the same, below are ten designer bathrooms you can take help from:

The Spa Treat

Designed by Vincente Wolf, this bathroom has the features that make it look like a calm spot underwater. This effect is brought by using seafoam green glass as walls.

Beach House Look

Located in a beach house close to Santa Barbara, designer Moore Ruble Yubell has used the Pacific Ocean in a beautiful manner. This place further holds a fireplace and a flat screen on the wall opposite to the tub.

Cottage Chic

This bathing beauty is located inside an East Hampton home. With antique baths and sinks, this bathroom features separate toilet area for female and male member of the family built at either ends.

Baroque Style

Architect Andrew Skurman has designed a French styled bathroom with a custom tub, flooring and chandelier. This is not all. The space is further embellished with beautiful mirrored cabinets.

Beach Front Bath

Nicole Sassaman has combined slate stacked stone with various types of woods including the teakwood to put to together a mesmerizing bathroom space with an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean.

Craftsman Style

This bathroom belongs to a suite in Chicago and mimics the ceiling window in the other room. However, the homeowner’s privacy is not compromised in any manner. Put together by Stuart Cohen, this is one big example of craftsmanship.

The Most Well Decorated Bathroom Designs and Decoration

All Black                              

This spot does not focus on total privacy and has only the curtains which need to be drawn to cover the area. This is basically an extension of the homeowners art area which holds pink and yellow neon signs.

Luxurious Elegance

Designed by Joan Chan, this bathroom is located in an estate of Connecticut. Embellished by beautiful honey onyx walls and touched up with white onyx flooring, this one is set to make you fall in love over again.

The Feminine Look

When a center panel tub, onyx inlays, a fireplace and carved moldings are put together, a design by Lori Morris comes to life. The tub, French doors and the Juliet balcony lie in a perfect symmetry.

Attic Bath

This orange bathroom is beautifully built in the attic and is the best example of a modern space with austere and strong lines.

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