Tips to Store Clothes in a Small Wardrobe

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Storing clothes in your closet has always been a problem especially when you have a smaller closet and lots of dresses to store. People often face problems when it comes to storing clothes in their wardrobe. This is because they fail to manage their wardrobes properly. If you are looking for useful tips to store your clothes in your closet, then we are here to help. Keep on reading and you will get to know some useful tips of storing your clothes.

  1. Wall Racks

Wall racks and hangers are easy to install in homes that do not have any real closets in your homes.

2. Declutter

Storing clothes that you have not worn in months results in wasting a lot of space that can be utilized to store many other useful things. Try to get rid of clothes you do not wear.small wardrobe


  1. Arrange your wardrobe.

Store your most-used items at eye level, less-used items below, and least-used items up high.

  1. Use drawers and hangers

Combine different storage units to fit your needs: hangers for dresses and suits,drawers for folded items, and boxes for odds and ends.

  1. Organize things according to the space

Use boxes, tiered shelves, cubbies or a hanging organizer to sort shoes.

  1. Use shelf dividers

Keep folded clothes or accessories neat with shelf dividers

  1. Make use of all the space

Use vertical space (both above and below the closet rod) to store more.

  1. Use curtains instead of closet doors

You can always replace curtains or hanging screens if you live in a small space to store more things in your closet.

  1. Hooks

Hooks create extra storage space for you to hang things inside the closet.

  1. Keep your closet in shape

Store things in order and treat your closet like a small room. Pay attention to wall color, lighting, and floor coverings.

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