Tips to keep your shoe rack clean & organized

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The most important thing when it comes to home making is cleaning and keeping things organized. A well organized home is a blessing and insures that everyone in the family lives with ease and convenience. As with clothes, shoes also tend to pile up and create a mess every now and then. If you come across such problems that we are here to help; let us discuss some tips to keep your shoe rack clean and organized.

Our first tip to keep your shoe rack clean and organized is to empty your shoe rack and organize your shoes into three piles “keep, throw, and maybe”. Separate the keep pile and keep it in a corner for starters. Next take a large garbage bag and start filling it up with shoes that you would like to throw away or are no longer in a condition to be worn.

Shoe Rack Cleaning Tips and SecretsThere are three options for the shoes in the maybe pile. Either you can get them fixed by a cobbler, donate them to charity or start a shoe swap program with your friends. You know what they say; one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Swapping shoes is a very useful tip to keep your show rack clean and organized.

Our next tip to keep your shoe rack clean and organized is to organize your shoes according to color, usage, brands, or season. Whatever way suits you is the one meant for you. You might want to keep all your back shoes together, or maybe it would just be easier to organize shoes as formal or informal shoes. It is also a good idea to keep shoes in shoe boxes. This would not only be easier to store, but also protect the shoes from wear and tear.

Another useful tip to keep your shoe rack clean and organized is to keep a separate rack in your living room or bedroom entrance for your most frequently used shoes. This would prevent them from piling up anywhere in the house. As far as formal or dressy shoes go, store them in a shoe rack or in a closet because you wouldn’t wear them too frequently and because they must be the most expensive in your whole shoe collection. So take better care of them.

How to Keep your Shoe Rack Clean and OrganizedSo these were our tips to keep your shoe rack clean and organized. As long as you follow these few simple guidelines you should not have trouble with your shoes any time soon. You might have to invest a little time and effort into this project but you would be able to take an immense sigh of relief in the long run once all the work is over. So what are you waiting for? Start organizing today and you will be done in little to no time and enjoy your extensive shoe collection without any hassle of creating clutter in the house. All the very best of luck to all our readers for this, cheers!

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