Tips on Cleaning The Pond of Your Home

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A home pond is one of the most amazing features in a garden. It not only adds splendor to the place but it also comes with a number of responsibilities for the homeowners especially when it comes to maintaining and cleaning the pond. It depends upon the homeowners whether they prefer cleaning the pond twice or thrice in a year. But to lessen the burden of the people, it is advisable to at least clean the pond and have a meticulous pond water treatment once a year. If you are planning for general cleaning then you must be prepared to remove all water, plants, fish and other living things in the pond.

cleaning pound

  • All the water should be removed to start with the pond water cleaning or treatment.A solid handling pump attached to a hose can be useful. This will help in directing water anywhere you want it to go.
  • Try redirecting water to a lawn or garden. To avoid wasting water, it is advisable to direct this water to a lawn or garden at the back of your house. This will keep the pond water more useful.
  • Start removing aquatic plants and other living things from the pond so soon as water starts pouring slowly out of the pond. Plants like anacharis can be cleaned and removed. Pond fishes such as Japanese carp or more commonly called as ‘koi’ are caught with a net and placed to a provisional home with the required amount of water.
  • Wet vacuum the bottom. After the pond water is poured out, you can wet vacuum the entire pond.
  • Put the plants back in the pond.
  • while putting the plants back, you can put the DE chlorinator in the pond to keep your pond animals safe.
  • put the fishes back into the pond.
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