Tips For Cooling Homes in Summer

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Many people have asked How to Cool Homes without Air conditioning in Summer Season. The Weather usually remain hot in the summer season, and people start cooling homes in summer. So we have also come up with some amazing tips for cooling off houses in summer.

Various Home Cooling Systems are available in the market with different options and functions. You can select a Cooling System from the market as per your needs, but we are sharing some home remedies to cool homes without AC. Our Natural Home Cooling Tips will help you in summer season (hot season). So you follow our Home Cooling Tips to make your homes cool in the hot season.

With the arrival of summer and the scorching heat of the sun, every single person is seen busy thinking about ways of how to cool your house in summer. No doubt summer has plenty of pleasures to enjoy like chilled fresh juices in scorching heat but those sweltering baths are some of the reasons that force a person into thinking of ways for a much cooler-summer. To help you out we have effective ways of making your homes cooler in summer.

How to Cool your Home Without AC

Planting trees Can Help in Cooling Homes in a Natural Way

Planting tree shades, in hot climate, around your house would help you prevent with unwanted heat to enter your house. But remember if you want to benefit yourself from passive solar heating in the winter then do not plant trees in the South.

Setting the thermostat As per Instructions

Make sure that you set your thermostat at 78 degrees F or higher if you are using ceiling fans. Do not air-condition empty rooms.

Window fans to Cool Rooms without Air Conditioner

You can avoid unwanted heat through proper ventilation if the temperature of the incoming air is 77 F or lower than that. Window fans are a great option for proper ventilation if used properly. They should be placed on the downwind side of the house facing out. At least a window in every room should be kept open. Interior doors must also be kept open to allow the flow of air.

Outdoor compressor is best Option for Home Cooling System

If you have an older air conditioner, try replacing it with a modern and more efficient outdoor compressor.

Ceiling fans Helps Reducing Heat from Rooms

Use of ceiling fans increases comfort levels even at higher thermostat settings. The standard level of comfort during summer is between 72 F and 78 F. To extend the level of comfort to 82 F, you need a sow-turning ceiling fan that will provide you with enough flow of air by preventing unwanted heat to enter the room.


Maintain your air conditioners for maximum efficiency and quality servicing.

By following our tips and tricks for house Cooling Systems, you can make your homes more cool in natural ways in summer season. These Natural Remedies and Cooling Ideas will be beneficial and helpful for you in reducing the cost of cooling system and increasing the efficiency.

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