Tip to make your garden green in every season

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If you are gardening enthusiastic, and want to make sure that your garden remains healthy and happening round the year, here are a bunch of tips that would help you in dealing with the issue.

1: Make sure you know the difference between the soil types. Yes, they vary on the demand of the watering needs; make sure you keep the soil loose around the plants and water them on the same time. Experts say that early morning is the best time, as it helps in maintaining the evaporation.

2: You need to be selective with the choice of plants, as the ones which have the tendency to adhere to your climate should be given preference. If you will choose a difficult plant, you would have to pay special attention for its growth too.

Your garden green in every season3: Make sure you test the soil (you have selected) so that you have clear idea of your requirement. Your soil needs fertilizers and you need to know what exactly your requirement is; generally, fertilizers with one-fourth nitrogen, like sulphur coated urea must be selected.

4: Make a habit of mowing your garden on a regular basis. Use the chopped leaves to serve your backyard farm fellows.

5: In order to overcome the soil erosion issues, use shredded leaves to cover the garden beds.

6: Use animal manures as fertilizers, but make sure you use them in a proper form.

7: Last but not the least; don’t let the weeds destroy your garden. After all, you work day and night after it so that it gets a proper shape.

By working on these tips, you can easily ensure that your garden retains its beauty and freshness throughout the season and round the year.

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