Sustainable House Plans for Green Living: Design & Ideas

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Many people think that they should build Sustainable Houses for eco-friendly living or green living. We have brought up some beautiful and amazing Sustainable House Plans or Designing Ideas, which you can follow while construction of a home. The Warthship Biotechture Houses are famous in this regard, as they construct sustainable houses with green living style.

The Environmentally Sustainable House Designs and Ideas are available over the web, but you should think about the dwellers health while building a new home. The Sustainable House Structure should be build while keeping in view the tips and tricks, and your living should be eco-friendly. The Sustainable House Models are available in various catalog and magazines, so you should choose as per your requirements.

Earthship Biotechture is a company that claims to make the world pollution free .This company has constructed sustainable homes which are totally eco-friendly and are decorated with all those features which provides totally green environment for the dwellers. The residents are very happy and consume all these green resources to progress in their life styles successfully. It has been thought that these sustainable homes does not possess any facility and are built on primitive styles.

But this is not the case, in fact, the homes are constructed and designed with all the modern amenities and provide every comfort and facility that any other modish home can deliver. The main difference is that the residents are utilizing their own food, power, water, and sewage treatment, while living in these sustainable houses.

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The house is well equipped with water bags installed over the kitchen and bathroom sinks with propane grills and cooler to honor the eco-friendly life style. Solar panel provide power to the rechargeable batteries to supply enough power for the appliances. Two green houses delivers year round crops and botanicals as continuous food supply and you can install a fish tank or keep a chicken coop for fresh meat and poultry.

The matchless rain water harvesting system constantly provide waters in the sinks and pumps as these rain water is collected and stored on the roof and the grey water from the bathroom is used to water the crops in the green house which is again recycled to use in bathrooms. This cheap dwelling is a constant source of solar and wind power and the residents are satisfactorily enjoying the green lives in these Earthship homes.

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