Steps For Cleaning The Color Pencils From The Walls Without Painting

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Usually, where there are children, they draw different kind of things on the walls. It is really very difficult to stop the children from playing on the walls. Though, the walls can be cleaning by following some remedies. Some of the most effective tips for cleaning the pencils and the color pencils from the walls without the new painting are:

Start with dusting the dirty wall:

For dusting the walls, a broom, a dusting brush or the vacuum must be used. The broom and the brush with the strong bristles, an old t shirt or a cleansing rug should be tied over it for avoiding the sharpness of the bristles from scratching against the surface of the wall.

Cover all the sofas and other stuff:

Before starting the cleaning process of the walls, everything in the room must be covered with the covering sheets, so that they do not get affected with the soap, water and other things that are used for the cleaning of the walls.

Color Pencils From The Walls Without Painting

Wash the wall:

When washing the wall, it should be started from the base of the wall and the moved up gradually. This is done for drying of the wall as the person goes up with the sponge. This also avoids the creation of the streaks and the dip marks on the wall. And then for drying the wall, a soft and clean towel should be used.

Use two buckets while cleaning the wall:

The two buckets must be used while cleaning the color pencils from the wall. One bucket is used for cleaning of the solution, while the other is used for rinsing the wall after the application of the solution on the wall. The rinsing water must be changed at once when it looks dirty for the proper cleaning of the wall.

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