Simple Ways to Change the Complete Look of a Room

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We are going to share the best and simple ways to change the complete look of a room, which will be helpful in decorating your old home with new accessories and equipments.

For most of us, it is not an option to buy new furniture every time we get tired of looking at it in a room. But you can change the look of a room without getting new furniture. Using these three tips will help you change the look a room without spending a fortune doing it.


You can change the look of a room entirely by just changing the color of paint on the walls. Your home living room can be transformed into the look of Italian country with just a few coats of paint.

Tip: Make sure you pick up several different paint chips of colors you like from your local home supply store. Tape these to the walls you want to paint and leave them for a few days. You will be surprised by how they look in different light throughout the day.


If you are displaying your seashell collection and photos of the beach in a room, chances are it will have the look and feel of a room right out of a Coastal Living magazine.

completely change the living room setting design ideas

By simply changing your room’s accessories, you can change the way it looks. Replace those seashells with vintage books from your own collection or from a thrift shop. Drape the back of your couch with a favorite throw blanket and find different throw pillows. Switch framed photos of the beach with your favorite family photos.

Just making these few simple changes will give your room an entirely different feel.

Move Things Around

Sometimes it’s all about perspective. Simply moving an end table from one side of the couch to the other will make the room look different. Play with furniture angles by moving the lounge chair into the corner of the room. Rearrange lighting by moving the lamp to a different table. Make a room look bigger by adding a mirror to the room.

When you get bored with the way a room looks, what do you do to change the look of a room?

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