Most Stylish Wooden Floor Laminates of 2015

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When it comes to decorate home flooring, the Floor Laminates come at the top. The Most Stylish and Beautiful Wooden Flooring Ideas are being shared here for the viewers. The Ideal Home Interior has brought up the Different Wooden Floor Lamination Ideas and Flooring Designs for those people, who are trying to decorate their house floors with stylish wooden laminates.

The Trendy Wooden Flooring Designs are roaming in the markets, and people are choosing different coloring to make their home floors more beautiful. The Wooden Flooring Designs 2015 are the latest designs, which can decorate your home and give your room a new look. You can use the Wooden Floors in your living room, drawing rooms, bedrooms and other covered areas of your home.

When you talk about decorating your home and beautifying the floor, many options come to mind. These days, ceramic tiles are very common and people usually place an appropriately sized rug in the center to make it go with the color scheme of the rest of the room. Carpets can also be used for covering the floor in a case when tiles are not available or suitable to apply. Wooden flooring is another expensive option and undoubtedly one of the best because of its neat finishing. Wooden laminations are a cheaper alternative which are easy to apply and look extremely good as well.


Construction of Laminated Wooden Flooring:

Laminate wood flooring is made by sticking together layers of wood and joining them at high temperatures. A lamination or cover is then glued on top of the surface which makes the whole arrangement look as per the requirement. This simple construction allows the whole sample to be very light-weight and easy to handle and cheap to buy at the same time.

Durability of Wooden Floors:

The stylish wooden Flooring laminations are very resistant to scratches as they are covered with a watermark and are very durable. This allows the user to install them for a relatively longer period of time and there is no need to replace the lamination time and time again either. The laminated wood flooring is easier to clean and take care of because of the smooth surface of the sample which makes it a very good choice.

Cost of Wooden Floor Per Square Foot:

Laminated wood flooring is very cheap which is very easy to understand considering the process by using which it is made. The hard boards which are glued to each other are also very reasonably priced and the whole lamination in its fully prepared form costs fifty percent less than the conventional hardwood flooring. The Per Square Foot cost is different for different colors and qualities of Wooden Flooring. We always recommend the quality laminated wooden floors, as they last long in your home.

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