Lovely Wind Chimes Collection 2015

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A wind chime is a decoration which is made up of hollow metal tubes arranged in a circular or cubical pattern with a slightly longer stick at the center of the arrangement which strikes the tubes to make a low pitch sound. The ornament has been used since Roman times and was placed outside houses to ward off evil spirits. In South East Asia, wind chimes have been used for centuries and are hung in gardens, verandas and courtyards normally and as their name suggest, are operated by gusts of wind.


Wind Chimes are made in hundreds of different materials, shapes, arrangements, colors and sizes. These properties depend on where they are hung and other factors which include the pattern and color of the articles in their whereabouts. Most commonly, metallic wind chimes are made these days which are preferably of Aluminum because of the metal being hollow, light and making faint, low pitched sounds. The tubes of the chimes are colored depending on their material of construction with wood normally being colored brown and metal being shaded silvery.

Like mentioned above, wind chimes are made in a variety of sizes. The dimensions of the decoration depend on where it is going to be hung and on some other factors like the material of construction. Larger wind chimes are affordable as long as the material of construction is Aluminum because of it being light weight but smaller chimes are made in case of wood and steel. If they are to be hung in a wide open place, wind chimes are made bigger so as to benefit from a bigger amount of wind and create more sound. On the contrary, smaller ones are used in tight porches and terraces so that they look good and not out of place.

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