John Travolta Personal Airport and Home Interior Design

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The John Travolta is one of the famous person in celebrities. He owns a personal airport and two runways at his residency / home. The John Travolta is a rich man, and people are looking for his Home Interior Designs and aircraft pictures. The John Travolta Home Interior is vary beautiful and luxury, while two runways have also been integrated to its design. The Pictures of John Travolta House have been integrated to this post, so that his fan can have a look on his living style or lifestyle. When it comes to the celebrities homes, the John Travolta owns a very beautiful and luxury home.

Who are not familiar with John Travolta, this actor cum pilot has gained incredible fame for his versatile acting and action packed style. Amazingly John Travolta is an airplane freak who has contended his passion with those 6 aircrafts which he pleasurably park in his very own runway built at his home in .He is a certified pilot and spend millions to build two runways at the front end of his home. Travolta spoke about this amazing home design in the following words.

“We designed the house for the jets and to have at our access the world at a moment’s notice, and we succeeded at that,” “For the last 11 years, we’ve been able to globe-trot for Qantas and movies … I’ve been really able to operate out of this house for business and personal reasons.

John Travolta Home Interior (Inside Home)

John Travolta inside home interior decoration John Travolta House John Travolta house pictures John Travolta owns 2 runways in home

John Travolta Plane Interior Design

John Travolta plane interior amazing plane interior luxury design John Travolta interior of his own plane

This great actor is a Qantas brand Ambassador since 2002 .He own Qantas Boeing 707 and keep it in his Florida home yard.,

According to Travolta, his personal mansion in Florida is not regarded as a modish dwelling as the interior reflects the midcentury settings .He is not a trend adapter rather he has implied his own ideas of interior designing in his house which he pleasurably shares with his actress wife Kelly Preston. The house took two years to finish however ,the planning only took six long years to implement .You can watch those massive jets through the elegantly designed curved windows .The house offers a full treat for those who are in hunt for unusual architectures.

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