Important Things To Be Kept On Your Study Table

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Organization is the key when it comes to getting work done in an effective manner. That is why it is extremely important to organize your work or study space. To help you out with the task, we have compiled a list of important things to be kept on your study table. Hopefully this would be able to help you manage some of your clutter. Keep reading and learn.

Important Things To Be Kept On Your Study Table

  • This may seem very obvious but a pencil/pen holder is the most important thing that you can place on your study table. This would prevent from all your pens, pencils, markers and other writing tools from getting strewn around the table and not being found when you need them the most
  • Keep a clock and a calendar on your desk to keep track of time and more importantly of important dates. This way you wouldn’t miss anything important
  • Keep a binder or a folder of some sorts to store papers that are important yet that aren’t of regular use to you.
  • Keep an in-out tray to store papers that are of regular use to you. This would help in preventing loose paper from being strewn about the whole place.
  • You should also keep a stationary box handy to store all your highlighters, rulers, erasers, staples, paper clips etc. This way they would be accessible whenever you would need them
  • Unless you have a desktop computer, your tablets and laptops should not be on your desk. This just creates clutter. Avoid placing all such items on the desk that do not belong there including decorations, photo frames, flowers or even your gadgets. The less you place on your desk the less there would be clutter. Good luck organizing everybody!
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