How to Select the Daily Bed Covers According to the Weather

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As the weather changes and a new season arrives, you may not consider it important but changing your bed covers can help you a great deal. For instance, if you have been tossing and turning all summer, it is probably the heat on your bed that is keeping you from falling asleep. The most appropriate bed covers for summer are the ones made using natural fibers. These are not only breathable but also work wonders to get rid of perspiration. So if you have been flannel bedding, you need to change right away!

Next, do not forget to keep in mind the weight of the bed covers when buying them. Although materials like silk and satin are light, they trap heat and make it worse for you. Percale is ideal for summer. It is slightly heavy but works well when you need good circulation. Also, heavy bed covers are more durable and will last longer.

Daily Bed Covers According to the Weather

Most buyers get too technical and believe that the thread count is the only way to sift out the best bed covers from the not so good ones. However, you need to remember that higher the thread count, the more difficult it will be for air to pass through. A 300-400 thread count bed cover is just perfect. You must also feel the fabric to have an idea as to what it will feel like all night long.

Summer months encourage lighter shades and colors so picking bed sheets in such tones will give a soothing effect immediately. Keep these tips and techniques in mind so that you make the best choice when buying bed covers. It is easy to become fooled in technicalities such as thread count and weight therefore, choose carefully because good bedding cannot be brought every day, make a wise decision.

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