How to make home shifting less stressful for children

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Shifting homes can create great commotion for your complete family. Children are biggest victims of this strenuous move. Adults tend to perceive a more mature and practical outlook of the whole picture while for children shifting can only mean losing their friends and a safe haven. They are more prone to focus on losses the move is going to cost them. This feeling simultaneously creates a sense of powerlessness and helplessness for them.

This stress and tension can be minimized if your move is well managed and all the necessary precautions are well taken care of. Some of the essentials those will help your children cope with the whole scenario are:



Discuss your plans thoroughly with them as soon as possible. Give them time to grasp the idea well. Explain them the idea behind your move and inform about all the benefits of the new house and place in general. After that, hear them out. Let your children express their feelings and respond according to their age making most of your patience and understanding skills.


Let the children pack for themselves in their own special way. Give them tips on how to pack and keep the older kids involved in helping out the younger ones. Pay special attention to favorites of your children. Ensure them that nothing that deem precious will be harmed or thrown away.

Fun Experience

Make the whole experience joyful for them. Take them out for a treat to their favorite restaurant or to their most loved amusement park. Introduce them to the new place by taking a trip before move and show them all sites that might interest them. Start a garage sale and let them earn some money by selling out old belongings. Actions as such will help them relax and get used to the idea earlier.

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To make them feel at home it is better not to throw old furniture away but instead keeping the same room setting will retain familiarity and secure feelings. Let your children decorate their rooms themselves. Ask them to pick their own favorite paint color and sheets etc to create sense of independence and control. This will allow them to feel involved in the whole process.

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