How to Make a Rooftop Garden

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The Rooftop Garden Construction has become one of the famous term in foreign countries. How to Make a Roof Garden? It is not a difficult question now, as a lot of Rooftop Garden Ideas have been published over the web. The Rooftop Garden Construction Details and Ideas have been shared here for those persons, who are willing to make their Rooftop a Beautiful Garden.

Being a home owner and having a flat roof top offers you a multitude of alternatives to transform that square footage area in to a stunning outdoor living space for yourself, family, friends and guests. You can build a well maintained and beautiful rooftop garden which will ultimately provide you great experience of comfort and will offer massive environmental benefits to the society.

Designing a striking rooftop garden can be considered as a home improvement project which will also give a lavishing look to your house. In order to build and maintain a fine-looking garden on your roof following are some points you must ponder:


Structural Analysis:

The most initial step is to analyze the structure of your roof like the weight it can bear and the organizational partition etc. For this purpose you will need a professional engineer or architecture who will appropriately elaborate these basic aspects before you load the plants on your roof top.

Picking the Garden Type for Rooftop:

After the structural analysis you will select the type of garden you desire to have on your roof and the one which your roof can support. Like majority of the people prefer green roofing as they are of lighter weight and offers a good glance. But there are other garden types as well which are available in the market like intensive roofing.

Picking Plant Types For Rooftop Garden:

You must pick up the plants which your climate can support. First you should analyze your climatic zone and then select the plants accordingly as they can offer more greenery to your garden top if survived in that climate.

Plant Arrangement:

Planting arrangement is one crucial step that gives your garden a lavishing glance. You must create an outlay of the planting before placing them on your rooftops. The plants must be properly organized and well managed rather placed haphazardly. The Rooftop Garden Pictures, Images and Ideas have been shared on different sites, and you can also check the pictures of Roof Gardens by searching on Google Images. You should keep in mind the above mentioned Rooftop Garden Tips and Tricks to make your roof garden more beautiful and attractive.

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