How to Clean Your Windows without Professional Help  

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Believe it or not, numerous specialists recommend that a straightforward blend of non-grating dish cleanser (a tablespoon or two), water and a squeegee is everything one needs to clean glass. Let’s be honest, we contract out or the assignment gets put off in light of the fact that we don’t prefer to do it. Those of you with two-story homes can purchase a squeegee with a shaft amplification or contract an expert (an extremely sensible option) to achieve cleaning of extreme spots. Regularly hailed for its cleaning properties, some substitute refined white vinegar (half vinegar and half water blend) for dish cleanser.

How to Clean Your Glass Windows DIY Tips

At the point when cleaning glass:

  1. Consider daylight. While daylight can dry a cleaning result onto glass at an irritating rate bringing about water spots and streaking, it can additionally uncover soil, grime and streaks that may overall go unnoticed.
  2. Get over the dirt first. Utilize a non-rough wipe or amazingly delicate abounded forget about to shake soil the glass, railing or ledge.
  3. Douse hardened on trash like flying creature droppings to slacken them off the glass. Do whatever it takes not to clean as any coarseness that is passed through the winged creature’s framework could scratch the glass. Discussing fledgling droppings, wear gloves and discard them appropriately as they are a well being peril.
  4. With a mixture of boiling hot water and dish cleanser or vinegar, wet the squeegee and swipe start to finish or utilize the snake system on bigger sheets, which includes nonstop even strokes from left to right, fit as a fiddle of a “S”.
  5. Wipe the squeegee off in the middle of strokes and verify that none of the dish cleanser or vinegar deposit arrives on window ledges or railings. On the off chance that it does, clean them completely with water.
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