Home Aquarium Design Ideas: Fishes Photos

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While designing your home, aquarium is a best idea that will make your home more beautiful and attractive. Various Home Aquarium Designs are available in the market, but you should choose some unique Home Aquarium Ideas. We have brought up some beautiful Fishes Photos and Images, so that you could choose the beautiful fishes for aquarium.

The Freshwater Aquarium Decorating Ideas have been published here for those viewers, who want to decorate aquariums as per their needs. You can place aquarium in your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, drawing rooms and many other places at your home. These are some unique aquarium designs, which can make your home more attractive and beautiful. So you should use the Unique Aquarium Designs while decorating your house.

Best Collection of Home Aquariums: Designs & Ideas

For those who are not well aware of the types, home aquarium can be of two kinds:

  • Cold fresh water aquarium
  • Heated fresh water aquarium

Cold Water Freshwater Aquarium

Water is kept at room temperature in a cold water aquarium. Filtration system is included in it. The tank should definitely have some source of light. It helps in the promotion of health in fish. Here are a few ideas for cold fresh water aquarium:

Gold Fish

A lot of variety is available in terms of size and color with gold fish. People are quite fond of bubbly heads of fancy kinds along with those with fanned tails. Unheated aquariums are great for gold fish. The particular kind tends to eat in a messy manner which is why about ten percent of the water should be changed on a weekly basis. De-chlorination is a good idea.

Bloodfin Tetras

These are small in size and are known for their striking red fins and bodies of silver color. These hardy fish live up to ten years in aquariums. The peaceful fish lives in groups and the group tends to move together across the aquarium displaying a delightful sight.

Heated Freshwater Aquarium Fish

More variety can be found in heated tanks. A wide variety of tropical fish can be kept in these. The range of temperature in these aquariums is from 72 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are a few ideas for heated water aquariums:


These tend to be small in size and the water needs to be tested before they are placed in the tank. These hardy fish can bear multiple of conditions proving perfect for first choice. They tend to move in groups and consist of horizontal strips.

Black Molly

This peaceful fish is great for community tanks and work well other types of fish. The fish can easily adapt to different kinds of water including salt and fresh. The fish have temperature preference ranging from seventy to eighty two Fahrenheit.

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