Gorgeous Wall Hangings Collection 2014

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At some point, everyone faces the blank walls of a new condo, home or an apartment. Once you have moved all your furniture in your new home, start thinking of ways that can help in making your empty, blank wall interesting and lovely.

To help you out, the article is shedding light on the most gorgeous wall hangings collection 2014. Some of the beautiful wall hangings are:

Decorative Plates

If you like collecting plates, the walls are the perfect place to display them and they can add beauty and attractiveness to your room. The new laser levels can help you in aligning them easily. Make sure to get the wall hangers to protect your decorative plates.


If you are fond of collecting antiques, artistic posters, knick-knacks or any other interesting collectibles, they display them artistically on your wall. This will not only beautify your wall but will also add glamour to that room. Hanging instruments on walls is also in fashion nowadays.

Beautiful and Gorgeous Wall Hanging Collection Photo Frames

Photo Groupings

Another brilliant way of decorating your wall is by hanging photos of your family. Try making a creative family tree and hang photos of your family. Again, you can use laser level to hang them easily in nice groupings.


Tapestries, wonderfully woven renditions of traditional art work, can be a lovely addition to your beautiful home. They are available in a number of styles and quickly add up color and texture to any wall.


Paintings are also a great way of decorating a wall. Just make sure that the paintings match the color scheme of your wall and do not create any visual conflict in the surroundings.


Candles are an excellent way of adding a soothing environment in a room. Hanging lovely lanterns on the wall can add attractiveness and splendor in the room with a slight touch of romance.

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