Giraffe Manor Hotel Nairobi, Kenya: Pictures and Features

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Among the very famous and luxury hotels, the Giraffe Manor Hotel Kenya comes in the top most hotels available in the world. The Griaffe Manor Hotel Booking is also available at various websites providing online booking of rooms. If you are visiting Nairobi, Kenya, you should visit the Giraffe Manor Hotel Nairobi to make your trip more amazing.

Whereas the Inner Pictures of Hotel Giraffe Manor are concerned, we have shared some amazing pictures of Giraffe Manor Nairobi for your entertainment. The Giraffe Manor Hotel comes with a lot of new and unique features.

There are several unusual architectures around the world which mesmerizes you, Africa is known for its amazing safari and tribal colors. Along with this Africa contain some architectural masterpieces which exhibit historical grandeur and elegance. One of such example is the Giraffe Manor hotel. This hotel is a historical asset lying between Nairobi and Ngong hills nature reserves, within the 140 acres deep forest and built in 1930.

Whereas the Giraffe Manor Hotel Prices are concerned, you can visit the hotel booking sites to get this information. As we are talking about the Interior and Exterior of the Hotel Giraffe Manor Kenya, we are sharing some beautiful pictures of the most famous hotel. Have a look on the Pictures of the Amazingly designed Giraffe Manor Hotel in Kenya.

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The property rests on 12 acres of land and the mansion comprises 10 well decorated rooms and tall, arched ceilings. 25 people can rest in the hotel. The hotel package includes all meals and some drinks with the room stay. You can dine with those tall giraffes which are really endangered. Classic furnishings, canopy beds, lush green gardens, courtyards and gardens all blend together to present the grand interior of giraffe manor.

Karen Blixen suite is exclusive for wheel chair guests and it is named after a famous author. The most distinguished feature of the hotel, are those tall and friendly Giraffes who roam freely around the hotel vicinity to charm the guests. This hotel was bought in 1974 by animal-activists Jock and Betty Leslie-Melville to the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.

Karen Blixen Suite at Giraffe Manor Hotel Kenya Karen Blixen Family Room in Giraffe Manor Hotel Nairobi

This is done to re-introduce and save the endangered Rothschild giraffe species. If you are resting in this great mansion you will definitely meet those tall beings who peeked through your room window asking for a treat. You can easily identify the spot in dense forest by those creeping climbers that covers the wall of Giraffe manor mansion.

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