Electronic Appliances Need To Be Kept In Your Bedroom

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Initially, television in a bedroom was thought of as a luxury. However, not many were aware about its impact of a peaceful sleep. Just later the trend was followed by smart phones, tablets and laptops which can be brought to life simply by the push of a button. All these blue light emitting devices are worth falling in love with but keeping them in your bedroom can leave you awake all night. Yes, that’s right!

As the form of technology makes smaller and more compact, we tend to have them on our bedside for easy access. Although you may enjoy the work they do for you, it is most likely that you will regret the idea the very next morning. Experts recommend that all electronic appliances in your bedroom should be turned off one hour before you actually go to bed. When you are looking at a screen for a larger period of time, it has the power to keep you awake later as well.

Electronic Appliances In Your Bedroom

Smart phones are common electronic appliances which are set to give notifications for every email received and transaction made. These push notifications can turn to become very annoying when you are having your beauty sleep. It is therefore best to put your phone either on the airplane mode or switch it off completely. Scientists have discovered that cell phones emit radiations which have the power to harm your brain. As a result keeping your smart phone on your pillow or on your night stand will damage your brain.

The best thing you can do to ensure that you get a good night sleep is to go old school. Reading with low music is the perfect therapy. You can also keep a memo book close by to note down any ideas that pop up in your mind late at night.

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