Different Kinds of Decorative Mirrors in 2015

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Hanging decorative mirrors on walls is one of the best ways to style up a room but finding the right mirror for the right room is necessary. Here are some ideas on how to choose decorative mirrors for your bedroom and bathroom according to its size.


Full Sized Decorative Mirrors

If you’re thinking of styling up your bedroom with minimal furniture then a full sized decorative mirror with a fancy border is just right for you. With a full sized mirror in the bedroom, you won’t really feel the need to have a dressing table around and thus, you can dress up in front of the full sized mirror instead.

Decorating the Bathroom

Assuming that your bathroom is small and you don’t want your bathroom to look cluttered, go for a small to medium sized decorative mirror on the wall above the wash basin. The mirror can have a floral border or you can get in touch with your creative side and draw a floral design on the corners of the mirror yourself with colorful glass paints.

Large Mirrors for Large Bathrooms

If your bathroom is a big one and you want to decorate it tastefully, you can do so by choosing a mirror that has a longer breadth in comparison to the width, something like how landscape frames are. That way you can decorate a large area of the wall easily and sensibly without having to buy extra decorative pieces. For bathrooms, choose decorative mirrors with floral or small contemporary designs rather than large chunky ones.

These are some suggestions that you should keep in mind when looking for decorative mirrors to give your bedrooms and bathrooms a new rejuvenated look.

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