Cristiano Ronaldo’s Luxury Apartment in Trump Tower

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The Cristiano Ronaldo owns a beautiful and Luxury Apartment in Trump Tower, Manhattan. The Cristiano Ronaldo’s House Inside is very famous among the celebrities. When it comes to the Celebrities Homes the Cristiano Ronaldo owns a Luxury House or Apartment in Manhattan. Cristiano Ronaldo’s cars and house has become famous due to their luxury looks and beauty. If you are looking for the latest pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo House Inside, you have come to the right place. The Lofty Apartment has an amazing look and you can have a designing ideas.

Peek into the lofty Cristiano Ronaldo’s $18.5 Million Loft Apartment in Trump Tower

It is not necessary that chic interior belongs to a gigantic mansion or villa; in fact best interior designs are reflected from cozy dwellings or sky scrapper apartments. These apartments are designed with most recent layout and provide functional spaces for trendy or techno décor. One such example of a rich design is Portuguese soccer player, Cristiano Renaldo’s apartment sited on the loft of Fifth Avenue’s trump tower. This L shaped apartment worth $18.5 million and features everything via its classy décor. This 2,500-square-foot area is composed of three bedroom dwelling with a narrow kitchen to accommodate a simple breakfast nook. The floor to ceiling window from the relatively small sized family room displays the panorama of Central park. Trump Tower, Manhatten has a remarkable standard in offering luxurious apartments.

Cristiano Ronaldo Trump Tower Lofty Apartment Pictures

Cristiano Ronaldo House and Cars Cristiano Ronaldo Trump Tower House Inside Pictures Cristiano Ronaldo Apartment Pictures in Trump Tower

Juan Pablo Molyneux is the maximalist designer of the apartment who has designed the master bed with enough space to set the necessary furniture like a king sized bed and has proportionally planed to reflect optimum natural lighting throughout the space. A nine foot ceiling with custom marble floors features the apartment the two bedrooms are having luxurious bathrooms. The designer has filled the bathroom with countless marbles and mirror, and customized walk in closet even the shower area can watch the scenic views of the locality. The third and smallest bedroom could be transformed into a functional home office or study. The indirect curved lighting create soft ambience throughout.

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