China to Build Sky City Tower Looks Like Stacking Lego Blocks

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China is all set to built Sky City Tower, which will looks like stacking Lego Blocks, and it will be just like a wonder. Broad Sustainable Corporation has recently announced about their plant to built the Sky City Tower, which will be the world’s tallest skyscraper. It will consist of 220 stories, and the company is also going to make the construction record by successfully completing the building in just 90 days. The construction of Sky City will be recorded by the Guinness Book of Word Records.

Mostly children play with LEGOs, and the company is going to use the same Legos technique in the field of engineering by building the tallest skyscraper in China in 90 days. The construction will be recorded in the shortest period of time due to the pre-construction of floors and ceilings of new building.

The cranes will pick up the pre-constructed modules and set them one by one in their right positions. The sanitary workers and other electric staff will be there to complete their job while installation of blocks / modules. The 2.5 floors of the building will be completed per day, and all the electric wires and water wires will be installed on regular basis for 90 days.

china sky city tower complex pictures legos
Sky City Pictures

As it is the largest skyscraper of the world, it will have all the necessities there including hospital, schools, apartments, offices and market. The complex has become famous before its construction due to the seventeen helipads, which are also going to be constructed there being a part of building design.

Whereas the design / style of Sky City Building is concerned, it will be like Volvo of Skyscraper design. It is also heard that the company is going to complete the project in the above mentioned time i.e. 90 days, and it will become the eye popping building in all over the world due to its uniqueness and amazing LEGOs design. Have a look on the pictures of Sky City Tower, which just look like the childhood game LEGOs, but it is reality.

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