Best Home Glass Flooring Designs 2014

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Glass floors are a relatively new trend in homes but have started becoming very popular as of late because of their sleek and sophisticated designs. Glass floors work with light to enhance the room; they reflect light rather than absorb it. It gives an amazing balance to the overall ambiance of the room.

There are so many glass floor designs available these days. Whatever you choose according to your theme make sure that none of the tiles are even the slightest bit cracked and that there is no air trapped beneath your flooring as it might weaken your floor over the course of time. So do keep an eye out on the fine details.

beautifull Glass floor for Living Room

You can opt for clear glass so that there is a clear view of the floor below; but if that is not the look that you desire than you can always opt for translucent glass. Translucent glass designs give you the liberty to play with different lights and colors and can give a very good ambiance to the whole room. There are also many clear and translucent glass floor designs for staircases.

The best home flooring designs of the year 2014 include glass floor walkways on various levels of a house. A very popular design is placing glass flooring under skylights or illuminated ceilings in order to get the maximum advantage from the lighting in the room. Glass flooring for rooftops look amazing. This gives you various views depending on the time. You could either look up at a starry sky or at the sunlight coming in. a lot of people even incorporate the design with rooftop swimming pools. Not only does it look great it also ensures visibility of all the family members, especially children so it is also very secure.

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