Best Fancy Light Designs 2014

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When it comes to lighting and light fixture designs, the options are limitless. Every year we come across more and more amazing designs to choose from when it comes to fancy light designs for the home. The year 2014 has also brought some very innovative designs with it. We have compiled a list of few lights that we thought were simply amazing and should be present at home. Keep reading and enjoy.

The bower’s magnetic lamp made a showcase debut at the New York design week 2014. It is an LED light with a wood in casement built around it. The lamp also has a strategically concealed magnet in it so it can stick to any magnetic surface. This way you can place these lamps in quite a few numbers of ways according to the occasion and decor.

Did you know that something like LED wallpaper exists? Yes it is true, now you can have low energy bulbs and lighting fixtures embedded within your walls. You can just close your eyes and imagine how beautiful that might look in an elegant interior setting. The year 2014 has brought you this amazing innovation in fancy light design.

Fancy Light Designs for Living and Bedrooms

If you are somebody who has always been fond of chandeliers than there can be nothing fancier than the modern spin on it. Now you can even get yourself LED chandeliers. These fixtures are made with the latest technology to illuminate the room with LED lighting. This way you can install a classic fixture with an element of the modern in it. This is a must have for all those who are crazy about design and aesthetics. These were some of the best fancy light designs of the year 2014, hopefully you would installing some in your own home soon.

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