Bathroom Lighting Ideas

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From hallways, bedrooms, hallways to bathrooms, a general illumination is necessary. People tend to focus on bathrooms more than just as a sense of hygiene and cleanliness. A brighter bathroom reflects a lighter mood and helps carry out daily activities more efficiently. Relaxing atmospheres to mood themed bathrooms can be created using different kinds of lighting. When it comes to bathroom lighting, it is best to have a perfect blend of natural and artificial lighting. In order for you to get your right kind of mix of both in harmony with your style and lifestyle; here are six bathroom lighting ideas:


Natural Light

When it comes to even make-up, nothing ensure it better than natural lighting of the day. Using waterproof PVC shutters that don’t distort or attract mildew help avoid that glaring effect which is created by sunlight on white surfaces. These shutters can be tilted upwards to face the ceiling in order to make the room appear larger in size and they can be opened up completely in times of softer light.

Night time

A source of ambience lighting is required during night time. Central fixtures of wall light of surface mounted ceilings are a good solution. LED strip lighting creates a soft glow in the bathroom when concealed behind a molding or under a shelf.

Heat lights

High humidity can be avoided by pairing your lighting with an extraction fan. Fans with heat lights such as ‘Neo Dual’ Tastic fan give a boost to ventilation.

Color code

Dramatic effects can be created with matching light quality and wall colors. Use fluorescent fitting lighting for a perfectly natural reflection and LEDs that are 75 percent more efficient. Some paint colors go amazingly well with white bulbs while others require a warmer lighting so it’s necessary to achieve the right natural color balance.

Bathroom finish

Lighting can be maximized and dispersed evenly by using the right kind of tiles and mirrors. Consider light and natural tones for your tiles and paints that will reflect the natural and artificial lighting. Perspex shelving and furniture add transparency in the bathroom.


When it comes to smaller spaces, skylights are the best option. Models which can be opened manually or automatically should be opted for in order to minimize condensation. They can be installed with blinds to maintain your privacy.

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