Amazing Interior Design Pictures of Dubai Mall

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When it comes to Dubai, you will see a lot of new interior designs and creative ideas developed in the shopping malls and other areas. The Amazing Interior Designs of Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Drawing Rooms are shown in Dubai Malls and Residence Areas or Apartments. The Amazing Interior Pictures of Dubai Malls are appended below, so that you could take ideas from them.

Once the interior design was thought to be linked with just home and offices but as the technology advances many architectural masterpieces are evolving in different genre to show case extra ordinary interiors and designs. One amazing feature is the shopping mall interior decor which has increasingly attract renowned designers to apply their creative skills. This shopping mall décor is not limited to west, in fact with the richness and accessibilities middle eastern countries and producing exclusive shopping mall designs to attract the tourist in their barren localities.

Interior Designs in Shopping Malls in Dubai The Amazing Dubai Mall Interior Designs in Luxury Dubai Mall Interior Photos Dubai Mall Pictures of Interior Designs

Dubai is the most visited shopping destination as this city is swarmed with stunning shopping malls where almost every renowned global brand is trading their shows. The biggest shopping mall in Dubai is the Dubai mall located in the famous Burj Khalifa building. The stunningly decorated atria are most admirable site of the mall. You can’t reach the origin of the water fall due to its gigantic flow and have those fiber glass divers to fall through the enormous flow. The Gold Souk resides more than 200 gold shops and the entire region is majestically decorated for the gold purchasers. Contrary to the traditional style the fashion avenue is modishly adorned. The star atrium throws a galaxy of stars on the shoppers, while the extensive ice skating rink accommodates countless skaters at a time. Whether it is the shark tunnel or a 33 thousand specie aquarium, the mall’s detail is recorded in the Guinness book of world record.

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