7 Cool Bathroom Vanities For Your Home

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It you planning to spruce up your neglected bathroom, then here is a piece of writing that might help you in making a list of necessary things that you must keep in your bathroom. Whether it is a shared bathroom down the hall, a master bath, or a powder room, there are many ways of transforming your bathroom without a major renovation. Here we will provide you with 7 important elements ranging from beautiful lighting to smart storage that can give your bathroom an entirely different look. Keep on reading to uncover the key elements of beautifying your bathroom.

Ample lighting: Lighting is important in every kind of space and is even more important when we talk about bathrooms.  Proper lighting, being practical, makes a space appear larger. This does not mean that you cannot have a dark, moody bathroom. If it is a powder room, then dramatic lighting can work, but if it is a guest bath or your main bathroom, then it is important that you have ample lighting there.

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The perfect mirror: A bathroom without a mirror is a total disappointment! Mirrors in bathroom are not used just for vanity purposes but it can be a statement piece or art. Swapping out mirrors is a great way of making your bathroom feel custom, especially if you are a renter.

Bath linens: Linens are an instant upgrade that ties the space together. Make sure you have more than one set. Use linens to add color and pattern to your bathroom. Similar to pillows, you can exchange your guest’s towels, so do not be afraid to be bold as they are not permanent!

Storage: A messy bathroom is a nightmare! If you are planning to remodel your house, make sure you keep storage in mind. To see a nice, tidy bathroom, style your bath with storage. Consider decorative shelving, baskets, and pieces that double as decor.
Color and texture: Choosing bathroom color varies on personal preference. Some like crisp, white bathrooms, others try experimenting with dark colors. It all depends on personal taste, but sticking with a consistent palette, and avoiding colored appliances is a must. White toilets are often best.Using window treatments, bath mats, and a shower curtain can soften your bathroom and add texture.

Accessories: Bathroom accessories help a lot in adding freshness and color. Adding a pretty tray, soap dish, or even tissue holder can add style. It is important to keep your bathroom’s accessories consistent by using similar colors and finishes. Just like any other room, art completes a space. But for bathrooms it does not have to be a painting. Try small, decorative objects, unique wallpaperor anything of this sort. Place them beautifully to bring freshness to the room. Addinga nice bar of soap,scented flowers, and candles create spa-like vibe, especially when you have got guests.

Hardware: Another great way of changing the look of your bathroom is to give a custom feel by swapping out the hardware. For an affordable DIY, you can try spray painting your knobs.

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