6 Tips To Decorate Your Bedroom In A Romantic Way

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Decorating your bedroom romantically for your anniversary dinner or your spouse’s birthday makes the event even more special. There are times when you need to do things like these to express your feelings to your loved ones and decorating your room romantically is one of the easiest and effective ways of doing so. Here are a few ways that you may apply to make your spouse’s day memorable.

Romantic Fabric

Instead of a headboard, use a rich romantic fabric like oriental brocade in light gold or pink. Fasten the fabric on three large canvases and hang them above your bed creates a romantic atmosphere in your room. Gold tones and delicate pink create a soft focal point.

Romantic French Inspired Chandelier

For a more romantic glow, consider installing a romantic French inspired chandelier it will give your room a Parisian feel and will help in setting the mood for a romantic evening.

Scented Candles

Things like scented candles also help in setting the mood for a dreamy evening. A set of gold finish candles placed on your bedside add to the decor without making the room appear gaudy.

How to Decorate Bedroom in Romantic Way for your Partner


An easy way of making your room appear colorful and romantic is by adding an assortment of wild flowers. It is simple, traditional and will make your evening worth remembering.

Room dividers or decorative silk screens

Room dividers or decorative silk screens help in adding color and serve as a focal point to a bland room. They also give a very French, very romantic feel to your room.

Soft and delicate theme

Stick with the soft and delicate theme, use sheer wispy curtains in a light color as opposed to drab heavy ones. These themes may not be a total show stopper, but unattractive sacks covering your windows do not exactly set the mood.

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